Semper Finein moved to Python

I finally made the switch! Semper Finein is now running on Python through a Docker image (still on the Pi though). There are still optimizations to make, but I have been working on getting this to Python for a long time, and Docker made that a lot easier for me to accomplish.

Git Content!

As more and more networks and network products are becoming API-capable, and automation becoming part of the networking agenda (even Cisco announced a new DevNet certification), git is becoming more and more relevant to the network engineer. With distributed code development, versioning, and branching, git allows engineers to collaborate on a project. This series covers set up and integration to move projects forward and
git -'er-done (I couldn't resist).

New Home for Semper Finein

Semper Finein has been moved to it's new home on a Raspberry Pi. This will be a test of the R-Pi as a cost-alternative option for larger hardware and (shamelessly) to save on my power bill. The files which compromise Semper Finein are stored remotely in the event the Pi cannot maintain the load.

Cisco DNA Center

Cisco launched it's DNA Center around 2018. While version 1.1 was quickly superceded by the 1.2, and 1.2 had a large amount of bug fixes, 1.3 is out and 1.4 is on the way. With the extra feature-sets and capabilities, Software-Defined Networking is quickly coming to the foreground of many conversations. Learn more about DNA Center from a configuration or design perspective.


DMVPNs have been around for quite some time (I first start using them back in 2008). However, this technology seems to be constantly overlooked in the era of SD-WAN vendors. While so many companies try to make a play for tunneling over commerically-available Internet, it's important to understand that technology has been around for over 10 years - it's simply the interfaces that are innovative.

Red River Now On YouTube

I love my employer, Red River, but one thing we are not good with is getting the word out about who we are and what we do. So, recently, we have strived for a stronger social media presence, which includes our You Tube Channel. I plan on adding my own (more technical content) once I can get it recorded and editted.

Mobile CSS

If the mobile users, please be patient for the formatting and styles on this site. As I have said before, this entire site has been built from the ground up (no Word Press, Wix, or other softwares). Therefore, while I understand every component that makes this site, I may not have time to get to all of them. I am in the process of creating the CSS for mobile devices, but certain aspects may look odd while browsing. If you notice any ugliness or improper formatting, please contact me with the issue and I will get it resolved. Thanks in advance!